Snack Menu

  • We are a peanut/treenut/nut free preschool program
  • As of September 1st, 2017 all our snacks are non-GMO and organic

**Parents bring a prepared nutritious lunch for their child, with icepack if needed to keep cold. Organic 1% milk is provided by A Step Ahead at lunchtime.

A Step Ahead Snacks | Summer/Fall 2017

AM Snack PM Snack Late PM Snack
10:00AM 3:00PM 5:00PM
Monday Applesauce & Ricecake Prunes & Corn Tortilla Seasonal Fruit
Tuesday Fruity Tuesday – each child brings a fruit to share with the class. Corn Tortilla & Baby Carrots Popcorn
Wednesday Banana & Ricecake Corn Tortilla & Seasonal Fruit Corn Tortilla Chips
Thursday Veggie Thursday – each child brings a vegetable to share with the class. Banana & Ricecake Popcorn
Friday Seasonal Fruit & Ricecake Corn Tortilla & Baby Carrots Corn Tortilla Chips
**substitutions may be made for like food-groups, an updated menu is posted by the front door.

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