Thoughts on Television

As young children, we have many needs from our parents:  food, shelter, kind words, and love.  From birth until we are five years old, our bodies and minds are evolving and adapting to the world around us.  We are sponges for information, and we have a desire for knowledge.  Our personal development is paramount at the preschool age, as our personalities are forming and we are little people.

We as a society have never needed television.  OK, there have been a few times in history where it is important to see news around the world, but on the whole television is an unnecessary privilege.  It is definitely not in the preschooler’s curriculum, and it shouldn’t be welcomed in your home.  It doesn’t care for a child when a parent is too busy to engage him.  Television may keep a child entertained for some time, but what a child really needs is quality time with others, whether they be his peers or his parents.

A child between the ages of 2 and 5 is at a critical stage of developing his social skills.  It’s important to recognize a child’s need to learn how to be a social member of his community.  To do tasks for a child which he can do for himself hinders his independence and prevents him from growing and developing confidence in himself.  Children want to help!  They want to do what they see others doing!  By using Montessori methods of teaching youngsters, parents will see their children grow and accomplish tasks they didn’t think were possible coming from a young child.

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